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Jinio by Xend Review

Jinio by Xend is a third party forwarder that allows you to shop any shop from the US using your own mailbox. A complete US address will be assigned to your account.

My classmate introduced me to Jinio, the process of using Jinio is almost the same with other third party forwarders like, LBC Shipping Cart, Johnny Air Cargo and MBS.

First, you need to sign up at and you need to verify your account by uploading scanned copy of your  2 valid ID’s (mine was my passport and birth certificate) they did not accept my school ID.

I ordered 9 books from Thriftbooks and they had it delivered to my address that Jinio provided. Jinio notified me when my parcel arrived in their warehouse.

I immediately logged in and check if my parcel has arrived and indeed it was there.

I paid the items thru paypal and had it delivered to my address. (Good thing they accept paypal).

I received my parcel after 12 days from the day I cleared my payments.

I need to pick up my goods from LBC, their provincial partner.

The books I ordered from Thriftbooks.

Note: There’s additional charge ($0.75) per pound for provincial deliveries.



Service rating: 8/10









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