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How to Avoid Getting Offloaded at NAIA and other Philippine Airports

Offloading is rejecting a passenger to enter another country due to inadequate documents and erratic answers to the interview questions.

Have you experience being offloaded by the Immigration Officers? Share your experiences at the comment box below.

Here’s some tips to avoid getting offloaded.
1. Prepare your necessary documents.

Bring all the important documents with you. The immigration officer might ask for the following papers:
3 most important documents that you should bring:

1. Passport ( must be unexpired with at least 6 months validity)
2. Visa (if required)
3. Return ticket (you must have a return ticket, to show that you intend to return to the Philippines).

Other requirements:

4. Bank Statement/Bank Certificate

Prove to the IOs that you’re capable to financially support your trip. Shoiwing your bank statement is much more better than showing paper bills.  
5. Company ID

The IO might ask about the name of your company, your work and position.
6. Your Latest ITR
7. Certificate of Employment ( declaring your position and salary)
8. Old Passport ( to show and support that you have travelled before)
9. Hotel reservations ( to help you show that you’re a tourist)
10. Affidavit of Support ( if applicable)

Must include proof of income of the person who will pay expenses for your trip.
11. Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate

To show that you have a family in the Philippines and would definitely comeback.
12. Travel Clearance from DSWD ( if applicable) for minors.
13. GCC ( Guidance and Counselling Certificate)

For spouses/partner abroad of foreign nationals who intend to meet/marry their partner abroad    

2. Never lie to the Immigration Officer.

Immigration Officer may ask few questions. Be polite and calm. Travellers are more likely offloaded with inconsistent answers than lack of proper documents. Answer them in a straightforward and respectful manner. Provide only information that is being asked. The secret here is confidence.

Honesty is the best policy. Always remember!
3. Never show fake documents or pretend that someone else’s documents are yours.
4. Dress appropriately.


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