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Nivea Creme: My Everyday Moisturizer

Hi guys! today I’ll be reviewing my everyday moisturizer, Nivea Creme. I’ve been using this moisturizer for almost 2 years now. It claims that it’s suitable for all skin types and the most sold moisturizer in the world. Probably because it’s the most affordable moisturizer in the market today. It comes in a small and handy tin which you bring with you when you’re travelling.

 This cream is purely white in color. It has a thick and heavy consistency and very easy to apply too. 

Upon application, my skin feels oily at first but when it dries up, you won’t feel the stickiness after and it stays on the skin for hours. You should be careful not to apply too much, it can be greasy, just apply the right amount of moisturizer. Just don’t over do it. Moisturizing your skin give glow and saves your skin, applying it right after you wash your face is the most ideal. 


It’s very affordable (roughly β‚±75.00)

Easy to find

Moisturizes my skin

Very handy 

Easy to apply

Can be greasy sometimes

My forehead gets shiney

I don’t like the smell

My verdict: Nivea Creme has been loved by many people. Highly recommended for ladies with dry, normal or sensitive skin. It’s suited for all skin types. It really works like a charm and it’s part of my daily regimen. 

Please share us what you think about Nivea Creme or leave comment down below


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